A important refinement to “The Open Supply Definition”?

According to OSI definition of open supply:

https://opensource.org/osd/ — word article 6:

“No discrimination in opposition to fields of undertaking”.

Given contemporary tendencies in AI, particularly GPT, the writing is at the wall many device building jobs are going to be eradicated, faster than many would have anticipated.

Construction of GPT is completed partially by way of coaching in opposition to the tens of millions of open supply repos to be had on github. Those initiatives more than likely by no means can have foreseen being utilized in this kind of style when launched permissively authorized.

The mode wherein those initiatives are getting used is indirectly however fairly in a meta style. If there may be going to be a device engineering profession (or for that subject any profession leveraging highbrow effort as it is the mentioned purpose of OpenAI to automate all highbrow efforts) it is important to have some open supply carve-out in opposition to use as coaching knowledge for an AI or ML fashion.

You’ve gotten a state of affairs at the moment the place OSI has outlined open supply in this kind of method that it’s contributing to the loss of life of open supply! Those fashions are skilled on open supply device to construct a closed supply fashion (GPT-4 is explicitly closed supply and particularly issues out that it’s going to stay closed supply) which mentioned purpose is to automate highbrow paintings.

To best it off, you’ve got Microsoft + google + Meta all firing their AI ethics groups. Via contributing to open supply initiatives below the present definition we’re all serving to to construct closed supply fashions for large tech with doubtful at very best ethics, with the mentioned purpose of successfully automating our jobs away.

I want to see a brand new licensing fashion with a particular provision in opposition to use as coaching knowledge for AI. It is one thing that many members, OSI, FSF, and so on weren’t fascinated by when current licensing schemes had been evolved however a minimum of most likely it should introduce sufficient legal responsibility to shop for us time whilst we adapt. Differently I will be able to see issues getting very dangerous, very quickly.

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