A toy interpreter for the Self programming language

9 years in the past, I wrote an interpreter for the [Self programming language](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self_%28programming_language%29). I rediscovered my supply code accidentally and dusted it off slightly and [pushed it to Github](https://github.com/sma/dart_self). In all probability any individual is inquisitive about how I wrote code just about a decade in the past πŸ˜‰ Or needs a relatively fancy scripting language for his or her Flutter utility.

There is no GUI and only a naked bone CLI that helps a tiny subset of the language.

However you’ll input this:

characteristics quantity _AddSlotsIfAbsent:(|
factorial = (
self = 0 ifTrue: [^1].
(self – 1) factorial * self
25 factorial

Be at liberty to additionally put into effect `fibonacci`.

It bothers me that `Self` is an international. I may need to exchange this. And I almost definitely must attempt to put into effect resending how to quilt the whole semantics of the language.

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