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Algorithmic Trading – Machine Learning & Quant Strategies Course with Python

On this complete course on algorithmic buying and selling, you’ll find out about three cutting-edge buying and selling methods to boost your monetary toolkit. Within the first module, you will discover the Unsupervised Learning Trading Technique, using S&P 500 shares knowledge to grasp options, indicators, and portfolio optimization.

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Subsequent, you will leverage the ability of social media with the Twitter Sentiment Investing Technique, rating NASDAQ shares based mostly on engagement and evaluating efficiency in opposition to the QQQ return. Lastly, the Intraday Technique will introduce you to the GARCH mannequin, combining it with technical indicators to seize each each day and intraday alerts for potential profitable positions.

✏️ Course developed by @lachone_

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⭐️ Contents ⭐️
0:00:00 – Algorithmic Trading & Machine Learning Fundamentals
0:15:25 – Constructing An Unsupervised Learning Trading Technique
2:05:08 – Constructing A Twitter Sentiment Investing Technique
2:28:08 – Constructing An Intraday Technique Utilizing GARCH Mannequin

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