Are there any legitimate explanations for the quantity of poorly designed cell internet sites in the market?

This query is solely out of interest, and if that is the mistaken position mods please take away it. However I’ve spotted that almost certainly 60% of the time I take advantage of a website online from a credible corporate, with a wholesome amount of money coming in, they have got absolutely the maximum abysmal design for his or her cell websites. Buttons that do not anything or are overlapped via different buttons, scrolling being inconceivable for the reason that web page is simply too cluttered for the common telephone to deal with, bizarre graphical mistakes like pictures which can be half-missing, and different issues. I guess it’s a cost-cutting/time-saving factor as a result of I’ve additionally observed various superbly designed cell internet sites which can be a breeze to make use of. However is it actually that dear/time eating to do it smartly or do the horrible 60% of internet sites belong to firms which can be both lazy or too curious about lining their wallet? It’s changing into a virulent disease, I believe like I want to lift a pc round simply so that you could use the web constructively.

I do know not anything about internet design and what is going on in the back of the scenes and I’m certainly now not insulting the staff operating at the websites, more-so the folk they’re employed via. I’m simply puzzled if any person may just shine a gentle on why this appears to be one of these rising factor.

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