Best possible means for construction advanced information purposes in JS which I will be able to simply translate to Dart?

Hello there.

* I’m making plans to construct a internet software in JavaScript, and the cellular model in Flutter/Dart.
* The applying is based totally round core purposes which do numerous advanced manipulating and studying of arrays.
* I’m moderately talented in JS however have little revel in with Dart, so I might find irresistible to do my prototyping within the internet model after which port my core purposes over to Dart afterwards. Preferably, this is able to be with no need to signficiantly re-think the common sense to suit with how Dart works.
* I am pondering the easiest way may well be to make use of a JavaScript magnificence through which all my core purposes exist, after which translate that to a Dart magnificence.
* Is there a greater approach than this?
* It’s not that i am an excessively skilled developer so please forgive me if I have mentioned one thing dumb right here 😛
* I’m mindful Flutter can be utilized for internet too, however I might a lot like to paintings in a JS-driven internet model for fast prototyping as it is what I’m at ease in. I additionally listen Flutter for Internet is moderately restricted recently.

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