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C# Tutorial For Beginners – Learn C# Basics in 1 Hour

C# tutorial for newbies: Stand up & working with C# and code in simply 1 hour! No prior data wanted.
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Watch this C# tutorial for newbies to be taught the basics of C# (pronounced C sharp) and .NET framework. Should you’re searching for a C# tutorial that teaches you C# programming from scratch, this tutorial is for you. C# is a well-liked programming language and on a regular basis folks use to construct video games, desktop, cell, and net purposes.

00:00 Introduction
02:16 Distinction between C# and .NET
03:07 CLR
05:21 Structure of .NET Purposes
07:52 Your First C# Program
18:45 Variables and Constants
27:24 Overflowing
29:34 Scope
30:33 Demo of Variables and Constants
42:40 Sort Conversion
47:30 Demo of Sort Conversion
57:43 Operators

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