can a internet design vet put my thoughts relaxed?

Hello designers 👋 I will stay it quick and candy!

I am more recent to internet design, maximum of my design talents are second or movement design, however I have just lately taken a UX bootcamp and I am looking to freelance some internet design at the facet.

I am suffering to begin and here’s why:

I am afraid I will get shoppers and they will ask for one thing like an internet ordering machine if it is a eating place, or a scheduling machine if it is a salon, and so on.

I believe as even though I am being unreasonable. Can any individual give me their ideas in this? In the end I do know I will be able to simply say “sorry that is out of my wheelhouse”, however I am additionally looking to be ready for no matter I would possibly have to be told, and so on.

I exploit Webflow to make web sites, however I do not but have a company snatch on JavaScript or doing any ‘customized code’, for context.


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