Can any person suggest a idea based totally on-line gadget studying route?

Can any person suggest me a web-based gadget studying route with math idea?

I’m taking a look to learn how to some gadget studying. I’ve some fundamental Python and Java already. I’m taking a look to be informed as a physics main for a analysis place.

I’ve noticed numerous suggestions fora Andrew NG, however I would like one thing with a better math background. The route doesn’t require any Linear Algebra, Calc, Discrete, or diff EQ. I’ve taken these types of and I would like one thing extra idea based totally.

Is there anything else on-line with an identical rigor to this Berkeley route?

I haven’t taken any math research lessons but. I may just take a route at my Uni, however I don’t need it to depend for my GPA at this time and I’ve a analysis place coated up for the summer time.

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