Can I am getting a connection with a local JavaScript object when the usage of Dart js-interop ?

I am the usage of js-interop to play with the Document Gadget Get right of entry to API with Dart.

To this point I claim categories like `FileSystemDirectoryHandle` with `@JS` and `exterior`.

I am getting such example the usage of `window.showOpenDirectory()` (with `@staticInterop` and `extension`).

I am looking to retailer a `FileSystemDirectoryHandle` into `IndexedDB`. That is allowed within the API definition because the local JavaScript object is Serializable.

Alternatively when doing so from Dart, it sort of feels to retailer a Dart object of my deal with as a substitute of the local JavaScript object.

Is it imaginable to do this sort of factor the usage of js-interop ? How may I am getting a connection with the underlying JavaScript object ?

Steerage can be a lot preferred.

As really helpful, I crammed a subject on dart-lang/sdk repository [#50621](

Closed: see factor for a workaround.

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