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ChatGPT Tutorial for Developers – 38 Ways to 10x Your Productivity

Discover ways to use ChatGPT to 10x your productiveness! 38 examples utilizing Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, SQL and extra!

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0:00:00 What’s ChatGPT?
0:02:22 How ChatGPT Works
0:04:02 Getting Began with ChatGPT
0:05:00 Common Examples
0:12:10 Python Examples
0:16:53 HTML & CSS Examples
0:19:19 JavaScript Examples
0:22:04 Node.js Examples
0:24:13 SQL Examples

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  • Whether you like ChatGPT or not, remember: ChatGPI and AI are here to stay. Rather than resisting this reality, you should embrace it and learn how to use these technologies to stay current and competitive.

  • 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 πŸ€– Introduction to ChatGPT
    – Introduction to ChatGPT and its potential uses.
    – ChatGPT's capabilities, such as generating text and code.
    – Mosh Hamadani's excitement about ChatGPT.
    01:10 🧠 Understanding ChatGPT
    – Explanation of what ChatGPT is and its functionality.
    – ChatGPT's ability to understand and generate text, including code.
    – Use cases like content creation, code generation, and learning assistance.
    02:17 πŸ› οΈ How ChatGPT Works
    – Overview of ChatGPT's underlying technology, language models.
    – Different types of language models, including gpt-3 and codex.
    – Language model training and use cases for understanding and generating code.
    05:00 πŸ“š Creative Uses of ChatGPT
    – Demonstrations of creative uses of ChatGPT for various tasks.
    – Examples of generating code, writing resumes, contracts, and more.
    – Leveraging ChatGPT for productivity and efficiency.
    11:07 πŸ’‘ Generating Code and Development Assistance
    – Generating code for various programming tasks.
    – Asking technical questions and receiving detailed answers.
    – Utilizing ChatGPT for code-related challenges and assistance.
    19:24 🌐 Front-End Development with ChatGPT
    – Generating HTML and CSS code for UI components.
    – Customizing generated code and making it interactive.
    – Exploring the use of different UI libraries like Tailwind CSS.
    21:41 🌐 React Component Generation
    – Requesting ChatGPT to create a React component for displaying a card.
    – Customizing the code and adding interactivity.
    24:16 πŸš€ Back-End Development with ChatGPT
    – Building a back-end API using Express.js and Node.js.
    – Customizing the code to use TypeScript or Python with FastAPI.
    26:02 🎲 Database Queries and Table Creation
    – Generating SQL queries for creating tables.
    – Writing SQL queries for retrieving data, including specifying table schema.
    – Incorporating specific requirements for complex queries.

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  • 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 πŸ€– Introduction to ChatGPT and its capabilities.
    – Introduction to ChatGPT and its potential as a productivity tool for developers.
    02:17 🧠 How ChatGPT works.
    – Explanation of ChatGPT's functioning as a language model and its training on text data.
    03:39 πŸ›‘οΈ Limitations and precautions when using ChatGPT.
    – Discussing the limitations of ChatGPT and the need for human judgment.
    04:46 πŸ“š General use cases and questions for ChatGPT.
    – Examples of general-purpose questions and use cases for ChatGPT, including learning, scripting, and more.
    06:54 πŸ’» Using ChatGPT for coding and development tasks.
    – Demonstrating how ChatGPT can assist in generating code, writing unit tests, and solving coding-related questions.
    12:11 πŸ“Š Using ChatGPT for database-related tasks.
    – Examples of using ChatGPT to generate SQL queries and work with databases.
    17:01 🌐 Front-end development with ChatGPT.
    – Generating HTML and CSS code with ChatGPT for front-end development.
    19:43 πŸš€ Adding interactivity to web applications with JavaScript and APIs.
    – Incorporating JavaScript and APIs into web applications using ChatGPT's assistance.
    21:14 πŸ–₯️ Back-end development with Node.js and Express.js.
    – Creating a Node.js and Express.js API using ChatGPT.
    24:16 πŸ—„οΈ Working with databases and building APIs in different languages.
    – Building APIs in different languages like Python and using databases with ChatGPT.
    27:03 πŸ“ Writing SQL queries and database operations with ChatGPT.
    – Using ChatGPT to write SQL queries and perform database operations.
    28:06 🎬 Conclusion and call to action.
    – Conclusion of the tutorial and a call to action for viewers.

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