CMS for portfolio web page tips (no subscription, personal server)

Hello, any other take.

I am searching for a CMS to run portfolio web page with symbol galleries.

I have checked Getkirby, CraftCMS and a few different one and they do not paintings proper out of the field – issues in php recordsdata, incompatibility with one thing (while you set up a kind of it complains that it wishes no less than 64 reminiscence however “you’ve got 256”, additionally complains about php model being too top), any other one is lacking UI in set up web page. I discovered that they simply do not paintings.

What I need to fond is a CMS that will paintings like subscription-based products and services (*folio, tilda, *respace, and many others) however alone server with out subscription, possibly with 1-time acquire if the product is operating. I want to have it multi function position, my position.

I am the usage of WordPress at this time for years already however it isn’t a portfolio engine. It has an excessive amount of of needless options that I am not using they usually make it clunky and really restricted. And it has very cluttered theme engine that makes it difficult to make templates briefly. Its personal topics do not permit numerous issues that fashionable portfolio internet sites use. So WordPress is half-measure which provides half-result.

Possibly you recognize some first rate portfolio CMS?

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