Concern of sizzling insects

It is my first dev activity. I did not understand that a part of this box is to be additionally like an on-standby improve for purchasers of our product. So if there is something that broke, the purchasers would touch my scrum grasp or product proprietor, and in my crew they might ship a mail or workforce chat asking who can pick out it up and remedy briefly.

I am nonetheless moderately new and so been most commonly tasked on construction options, did some insects however best non blockading ones. However I am actually scared for the day I am anticipated with the intention to repair those sizzling insects, particularly the ones completely blockading the buyer from their actions. I might love to volunteer, however I am afraid it is time wasted of me seeking to repair it however were given nowhere, time that would’ve been utilized by the others to mend it. The others also are by some means ready to mend each and every sizzling computer virus with out asking lend a hand from every other, so it is roughly taken that anyone who pick out it up goes to unravel it absolutely and briefly.

I am additionally petrified of the purchasers too, some will also be pushy and intimidating, anticipating speedy fixes. I do even have nervousness similar problems. Somebody felt the similar like me and controlled to get by way of? How do you deal with those kind of on-calls emotionally? How briskly is “speedy” for you typically?

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