Counsel supporting algebraic results

Algebraic results could be an amazing addition to the Dart language.

An algebraic impact is mainly a continuable exception. So code can “lift” an impact, some level above it within the name stack receives it, does stuff, then sends again a worth and the unique serve as continues.

They’re an overly common keep an eye on mechanism. You’ll be able to use them to jot down exceptions, coroutines, async/look forward to with out other coloured purposes, turbines/streams and extra but even so.

The most straightforward shape, which is simply wonderful, is the place the continuations is one-shot. However you’ll name the continuation every time you favor or by no means.

Within the worst case, the place the continuation is saved round whilst different issues are going down, the code simply wishes to duplicate the a part of the stack between the caller of the impact and its implementation elsewhere after which when it’s referred to as, reproduction it again. This reminiscence block reproduction is relatively environment friendly, however for plenty of use circumstances, the place the continuations is named kind of in an instant, even that isn’t important.

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