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Data Structures and Algorithms for Beginners

Data Structures and algorithms for beginners. Ace your coding interview. Watch this tutorial to learn all about Big O, arrays and linked lists!
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Java Tutorial for Beginners:


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:04 What is Big O?
0:03:03 O(1)
0:04:32 O(n)
0:08:17 O(n^2)
0:10:41 O(log n)
0:13:20 O(2^n)
0:14:10 Space Complexity
0:17:53 Understanding Arrays
0:21:03 Working with Arrays
0:24:32 Exercise: Building an Array
0:27:24 Solution: Creating the Array Class
0:30:43 Solution: insert()
0:35:03 Solution: remove()
0:39:54 Solution: indexOf()
0:42:23 Dynamic Arrays
0:46:11 Linked Lists Introduction
0:46:41 What are Linked Lists?
0:51:16 Working with Linked Lists
0:54:40 Exercise: Building a Linked List
0:56:05 Solution: addLast()
1:02:15 Solution: addFirst()
1:04:28 Solution: indexOf()
1:06:23 Solution: contains()
1:07:28 Solution: removeFirst()
1:11:52 Solution: removeLast()

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Data structures and algorithms are one of the topics taught to computer science and software engineering students. It often comes up in coding interviews especially in big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Amazon. If you’re pursuing a career in software engineering, the knowledge of data structures and algorithms is a must. While you may not use these algorithms in your day-to-day job, studying these algorithms improve your problem solving and programming skills.


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