Deciding programming language for Science and Maths visualisations.

Hello everybody!

Earlier than asking my query let me introduce myself so you recognize a little concerning the background I am asking from. I studied Physics and I am these days running as a Science highschool trainer. Throughout my years at school, I did all my programming in Python, so I do know a little about Python for information visualisation, information becoming, numerical simulations and random processes. I am additionally curious about Science and Maths popularisation and lately I were given curious about generative artwork. That is why I began finding out Processing.

I need to do Science and Maths visible simulations (random walks and diffusion, fractals, double slit simulations and that type of stuff). I do not need to merely do a visible illustration (I have discovered Processing to be an overly useful gizmo for that), however I need to analyse information from the ones representations and plot it.

For instance, my first processing code has been a random stroll. I need to plot the common distance the random walker travels and the likelihood of visiting a mobile n instances after N steps.

I might love to have the utilities languages like Processing supplies for doing visible stuff and the utilities of Python for the extra “numeric” issues.

Is there any strategy to combine each languages in the similar challenge? For instance, a processing code that simulates and represents the random stroll, a Python code for the knowledge and a strategy to constitute each in the similar window?

Or is there some other programming language that works superb for each issues? Will have to I stick with Python by myself to additionally do visible representations (I comprehend it is conceivable, however Processing is more straightforward to paintings with for animations) or must I learn how to do the numeric stuff in Processing?

Thank you for studying!

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