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Development with Large Language Models Tutorial – OpenAI, Langchain, Agents, Chroma

Welcome to this course about improvement with Large Language Models, or LLMs. All through this course, you’ll full hands-on tasks will enable you to discover ways to harness LLMs in your personal tasks. You’ll construct tasks with LLMs that can allow you to create dynamic interfaces, work together with huge quantities of textual content information, and even empower LLMs with the aptitude to browse the web for analysis papers.

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This course was developed by @Luup.ai123

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⭐️ Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Temporary introduction to LLMs
⌨️ (0:11:49) Fast be aware from the longer term
⌨️ (0:12:04) Chatgpt playground (skip that is you realize this already)
⌨️ (0:18:21) GPT API fundamentals (skip that is you realize this already)
⌨️ (0:30:43) Temporary intro to chainlit
⌨️ (0:31:33) Cloning chatgpt consumer interface
⌨️ (0:45:37) Limitations of our interface
⌨️ (0:47:48) Including streaming, backend view, cease sequence button
⌨️ (0:58:42) Introduction to vector databases
⌨️ (1:04:42) Vector databases arms on
⌨️ (1:12:10) QnA with Paperwork – .txt and .pdf
⌨️ (1:23:32) Testing out our Q&A system
⌨️ (1:27:22) Introduction to web-browsing and brokers
⌨️ (1:32:52) AI researcher
⌨️ (1:42:23) Human as a device
⌨️ (1:44:44) Mini code interpreter plugin(Replit device)
⌨️ (1:46:29) Looking out youtube utilizing brokers
⌨️ (1:49:19) Information to discover extra
⌨️ (1:50:33) Shell Instrument
⌨️ (1:55:43) Create your individual instruments
⌨️ (2:01:19) Ending Notes

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