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Droppy v2.5 2 – Online file transfer and sharing – nulled

Droppy v2.5 2, Our file sharing platform, offers a diverse range of features to enhance your experience. Easy uploading and sharing are enabled by the support for multiple files. The capability to share files with multiple recipients simultaneously is also provided. Effortless uploading of files is made possible through drag and drop support. Simplified file sharing options include email-based sharing and the use of generated links. Moreover, automatic file destruction can be configured based on a specified time or download limit. For enhanced security, uploads can be protected with passwords and files can be encrypted. Lastly, the platform facilitates the upload of large files in smaller, more manageable chunks. Take advantage of the comprehensive features of our platform and explore the seamless file sharing experience it offers.

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Demo :

Source code of Droppy v2.5 2

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