Flutter Socket.IO consumer bundle

I am Daniel W. Howard and I created the socket_io_client_flutter bundle. socket_io_client_flutter lets in Flutter apps to do bidirectional communique with [Socket.IO](https://Socket.IO) servers (that are applied as libraries in nearly all server languages, like golang, Node.js, Java, Python) the use of WebSockets or lengthy polling.

socket_io_client_flutter bundle is at [https://pub.dev/packages/socket_io_client_flutter](https://pub.dev/packages/socket_io_client_flutter) .

socket_io_client_flutter supply code is at [https://github.com/xibbit/socket_io_client_flutter](https://github.com/xibbit/socket_io_client_flutter) . The bundle is applied and supported underneath the aegis of my loose open supply xibbit webapp and app multi-language complete stack starter package.

socket_io_client_flutter is 100% Flutter Dart; no platform local libraries are wanted.


* Ship and obtain messages asynchronously between Flutter apps and server (e.g. chat apps).
* Helps WebSockets or lengthy polling or connecting first with lengthy polling and upgrading to WebSockets if imaginable.
* Extensions to improve PHP LAMP lengthy polling.


* Helps the well-liked however older EIO 3 protocols. EIO protocols are aggravating. Other variations are incompatible with every different; e.g. EIO 3 consumer generally can not communicate to an EIO 4 server.
* Flutter Dart goes thru a null-safe transition now (as you almost certainly know). socket_io_client_flutter 1.x.x is for present (no longer null-safe) Flutter variations and works OK. socket_io_client_flutter 2.x.x is null secure however I needed to hack in EIO 3 for the reason that Dart bundle that I shadow upgraded to EIO 4. 2.x.x works however turns out to have a “decelerate and stall” worm after a minute or two.

Inquires, GitHub forking, enhancements and feedback welcome.

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