Gradient No longer Rendering Into SVG Trail?

I am seeking to give a SVG trail a fill, and I need that fill to be a linear gradient.

I know how to try this is to outline the linear gradient for your HTML document after which reference that through its ID for your SVG trail.

I attempted out this easy instance and its merely now not running. The gradient isn’t appearing in my trail.

What am I doing mistaken? Would respect any recommendation!

<linearGradient identification=”gradient-1″>
<quit offset=”0%” stop-color=”pink” />
<quit offset=”30%” stop-color=”orange” />
<quit offset=”90%” stop-color=”blue” />

<svg identification=”svg1″ xmlns=”” width=”6.94444in” top=”6.94444in” viewBox=”0 0 500 500″>

<trail identification=”path1″ fill=”url(#gradient-1)” stroke=”white” stroke-width=”1″ d=”M 179.00,180.00
C 179.00,180.00 190.00,330.00 190.00,330.00
190.00,330.00 237.00,329.00 237.00,329.00
237.00,329.00 251.00,181.00 251.00,181.00
251.00,181.00 230.33,183.00 230.33,182.67
230.33,182.33 215.67,183.67 215.67,183.67
215.67,183.67 197.67,183.67 197.67,183.67
197.67,183.67 179.00,180.00 179.00,180.00 Z” />



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