[help] It’s not that i am positive tips on how to google this. Can an oauth token from google be refreshed from any other url?

It’s not that i am positive tips on how to word this or tips on how to seek for it. Sorry if that is the unsuitable sub, however I discovered all I may just from this sub, so I’m again to it once more.

I’m making a easy backend with nodejs and passportjs, I studied the OAuth2.0 as a lot my mind may just maintain. However I’ve a query, which is set refreshing tokens from a distinct url.

I’ve `api.mydomain.exmpl/auth/google`, this triggers an auth with google api, redirects to identical url however with `/callback`, it’s a hit.

And I’ve any other third birthday celebration app that is working on `app.mydomain.exmpl`, can my `app.mydomain.exmpl` refresh the token, for the reason that I added each redirect url’s and domain names to the google’s console whitelist, the third birthday celebration app has the potential to refresh the tokens, and I’m passing the customer identity and secret to the third birthday celebration app?

It could make sense to me that it will have to paintings, however It’s not that i am positive if I did one thing unsuitable or the third birthday celebration app has a computer virus that I will have to document.

Any assist is favored despite the fact that this can be a redirection to the right kind sub, a lot thank you!

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