How Do I Outline A Polygon In My HTML Document And Then Claim Its Issues In My CSS?

I wish to create a layer which has 2 polygon clip paths. However I latterly came upon that you can’t do that in CSS (for some dumba** explanation why). You’ll simplest outline one polygon in a clip trail (and just one clip trail in a layer).

So a workaround is to outline a SVG and a couple of hardcoded polygons to your HTML report like:

<polygon issues=”x1, y1, x2, y2………”>
<polygon issues=”x100, y100, x101, y101…….”>

That is nice and all, however as an alternative of pointing out the issues of the polygon in-line, is there any method I will be able to simply give the polygon an ID after which claim the issues in my CSS report?


I did do this through giving the primary polygon a ID after which in my CSS report I attempted:

#polygonID {
issues: 200px, 100px, 300px, 350px


However not anything came about. I believe the syntax may well be unsuitable and I will be able to’t to find this data any place on-line.

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