How do I unlock my open-source program for alpha trying out with out the concern of it being stolen?

I have been running on a browser extension for some time now and I’ve spent a vital period of time on it.

It is in any case achieving a level the place I will be able to unlock an alpha model of it to a restricted selection of other people to ensure that them to check it and provides me comments. Those individuals are going to need to be strangers from the web as a result of I do not need pals/mates who may do this for me.

Now naturally the extension is written in JavaScript and is in plaintext so it will probably in somehow be stolen although I minify it. There may be the truth that I do not need to minify or obfuscate the code in anyway as a way to no longer thrust back doable customers who do not consider it.

With the exception of the code the speculation itself may well be stolen and because it isn’t established but it’ll be simple for any person to only add their very own model of it on Mozilla or Google extension markets and declare it for themselves.

I am not a certified programmer and do programming as a interest so I do not need revel in in issues like this. I used to be questioning what the overall manner is in a scenario like this?

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