How one can Make a Neopets Hit Counter

If you’re in search of a Neopets Hit Counter then you might to find that they’re very arduous to search out, and if truth be told more often than not you’ll have to create one your self. There are a couple of Neopet layouts that experience some premade hit counters constructed into the design, however those once more are every now and then arduous to return by means of.

Making a neopet hit counter is so easy to perform and takes little or no html wisdom. Following the academic beneath will train you tips on how to create your very personal non-public and distinctive hit counter.

1. First it is important to make a selection which hit counter you wish to use. There are a big selection of businesses on-line that provide hit counting products and services, to search out some do just a seek on Google for “unfastened hit counter” or “unfastened stat counter.” Browse round at one of the vital types and make a selection one that you simply like and join a unfastened account with the chosen provider. On this instance we will be able to be the use of the provider at

2. Replica the code that they’ve given you after which paste this into an empty textual content file equivalent to NotePad or WordPad. Your hit counter code will glance one thing like the only beneath:

script sort=”textual content/javascript” language=”javascript”>var sc_project=1767347;var sc_invisible=0;var sc_partition=16;var sc_security=”4c929e17″;var sc_remove_link=1;/script>

script sort=”textual content/javascript” language=”javascript”src=””>img src=”″ alt=”cool hit counter” border=”0″>

3. Now it’s time to discover a Neopet symbol to move above the hit counter. There are lots of puts you’ll discover a Neopet image. When you do have troubles discovering one then simply make a selection and symbol from

4. After you have discovered a picture then merely proper click on at the image and make a choice “Replica Symbol Location.” You are going to then want to return in your open notepad and paste this symbol code above your present stat counter code.

5. This could be your ultimate code in your Neopet hit counter.

img src=&#8217;<a goal="_new" rel="nofollow noopener" href=""></a>&#8216;&gt;</p> <p>script sort=&#8221;textual content/javascript&#8221; language=&#8221;javascript&#8221;&gt;<br /> var sc_project=1767347;<br /> var sc_invisible=0;<br /> var sc_partition=16;<br /> var sc_security=&#8221;4c929e17&#8243;;<br /> var sc_remove_link=1; </p> <p>script sort=&#8221;textual content/javascript&#8221; language=&#8221;javascript&#8221; src=&#8221;;&gt;<noscript>img src=&#8221;;java=0&amp;security=4c929e17&amp;invisible=0&#8243; alt=&#8221;cool hit counter&#8221; border=&#8221;0&#8243;&gt; </noscript>

And that’s how you’ll create your very personal Neopet Hit Counter to personalize your Neopet webpage. Experience!

Supply by means of Nathan Westergard

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