How you can solid SQL “longtext” (BLOB) as String in Dart?

I am looking to obtain some on call for knowledge from my SQL server and the entirety works simply high quality till I wish to solid “longtext” columns.

I am the use of the .fromJson assets to decode all of the knowledge and casting it as string like this:

ultimate consultationReason = knowledge[“consultationReason”] as String?;

At this level, I am getting this mistake:

`Unhandled Exception: kind ‘Blob’ isn’t a subtype of kind ‘String?’ in kind solid`

As you’ll see, the longtext is being gained as a Blob and at this level it kind of feels to be not possible to decode this information with out changing my queries to a extra complicated ones the use of such things as `CONVERT()` for each and every column on that desk.

Because of this I wish to know if it is conceivable to solid the ones longtext as a String in Dart or if I am simply doing one thing fallacious.

Thank you prematurely to your lend a hand!

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