I hate Block Issues. There, I mentioned it.

I hate block theming.

There, I mentioned it.

Sooner than I get started, I do know I’m an outdated fart resistant to switch. I am getting that. And I’m positive that is the wave of the longer term.

Right here is going:

A part of the issue is that we nonetheless have, in some ways, a combined machine. Navigation menus can nonetheless be made in a pair techniques. CSS can and does are living in quite a lot of puts. The truth that issues don’t all the time are living the place we think them to are living is an issue.


I’ve attempted almost certainly 10 other subject matters that have been touted as the most efficient block subject matters and with each one, I bumped into one thing that I simply may no longer repair.

2023 theme has a margin at height and backside of the web page of about 40 pixels. The place is that set? I nonetheless have no idea. I discovered any person who discovered easy methods to disable that bunch of CSS with some purposes.php stuff.

However after all, that broke a variety of different stuff.

Right here’s what I’m taking a look at:

.wp-site-blocks {

padding-top: var(–wp–style–root–padding-top);

padding-bottom: var(–wp–style–root–padding-bottom);


I’ve searched the 2023 theme listing for these items and will’t in finding it. WHERE does it are living?

And/or how can I override it? It merely is senseless to me.

In some subject matters, I will’t edit the stuff within the Navigation: Web page Checklist. I simply wish to transfer HOME from final position to first. Nope.

And I believe I do know these things. I’ve been doing HTML since 1995, CSS because it began, WordPress for god is aware of how lengthy. If it doesn’t make sense to me, it’s no longer intuitive.

I have been doing internet design since 1995 and WP for like 15 years. Now I am attempting to be told block theming and discovering it extremely irritating. The entire issues I have hated about web page developers instances 10: bloated code, contradictory CSS, makes an attempt to simplify the method by means of making the method truly freaking difficult.

Examples: I set up a “FSE” theme and take a look at to take away the underlining from the website identify. Will have to be easy, proper? I will’t do it. It is hardwired someplace and no CSS magic (which I am beautiful excellent at) will override that. Likewise any other theme that had 48px of margin height and backside. The place is it set? How one can override it? I believed I discovered it within the theme.json however converting that did not anything.

And once more: I KNOW THIS STUFF. It should not be rocket surgical operation to make those adjustments and but it is buried down deep someplace. The theory of “no wish to write code” turns right into a pile of my hair at the ground as a result of I WANT to write down code and KNOW HOW and it does not lend a hand.

Any other theme had a TINY site-title. Attempted to edit it to make it readable. Nope. It used to be it sounds as if set in theme.json however enhancing that did not anything.

Am I on my own on this? I truthfully do see the possible however I simply worry as it’s now, it is needless.

Additionally, I’ve a consumer who just lately left me for a Wix man. Consumer LOVES Wix and now hates WP and I am taking into consideration taking a look into it.

Rant completed. Thank you for listening.

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