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Is Devin AI the End (or Future) of Coding?!

Is this new AI really going to steal your coding job? Devin AI is causing a stir… Let’s be real, the hype is crazy, but is it justified? I’m breaking down Devin AI’s potential, the reality, and what YOU need to do to stay ahead.

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📖 What’s covered
00:00 Devin AI and the Coding Job Panic
00:37 Will Devin Succeed?
00:56 Can Devin Handle Real-world Software?
01:38 Debunking NVIDIA CEO’s Nonsense about Programming
02:42 Will Software Jobs Disappear In the Future?
03:48 How to Stay Relevant as a Software Engineer
04:17 How AI Changes Your Job
05:26 Can AI Replace Multiple Engineers with One?
06:39 Why Software Engineers are Not Going Away
06:54 Love Coding? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Quit
07:40 What to Do to Build Your Software Career Along with AI


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