Is it imaginable to “export” Dart trade common sense and use it with out Flutter in local tasks?

I’m experimenting with Flutter and what I really like up to now is the dev enjoy and fast time to send cross-platform apps. What I do not like is the prospective chance of Flutter being discontinued, in addition to non-native UI really feel (particularly on iOS).

I wish to make a decision whether or not Flutter is a great choice earlier than beginning making an investment into it and development a variety of trade common sense in Dart. Flutter is surely a excellent to begin, however I wish to go away myself a room to move local one day.

Is it imaginable to in some way transpile/bring together Dart supply code into some type of usable shape which then might be utilized in Android/iOS/desktop (and even internet) local tasks?

I have attempted React Local because it ticks the bins (one shared language and local parts), however dev enjoy (particularly debugging) was once manner worse than with Flutter, additionally It’s not that i am an enormous fan of JavaScript language and ecosystem.

There could also be Kotlin Multiplatform, however it kind of feels even much less mature than Flutter. I really like Kotlin language even higher than Dart and I consider it has distinguished long term. It is simply It’s not that i am satisfied but how do I construct a web-app with it the place I would favor merely the usage of both React/Vue framework (which is absolutely trade same old).

What is your view on multi-platform applied sciences? I really like Flutter, however I am getting the influence that when you are a hit then you need to steer clear of that supplier lock-in and reuse a few of your paintings the usage of one thing else. I’m questioning if it is even imaginable with Dart.

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