Is my web page even editable?

I have been tasked with updating/enhancing a web page for my employer. I get admission to it via logging into Bluehost, then wordpress, however I am not in a position to edit anything else.

As an example, after I click on on Pages, or Posts, not anything that looks below any of those sections in fact presentations up at the web page.

I spoke to toughen, who informed me to check out other topics. After I trade the theme, all the earlier options of the web page depart and the brand new theme I have decided on seems, however with a ton of code within the center.

I do not know a lot about internet sites and web hosting, so I am hoping y’all can inform me what may well be the problem.

I have used wordpress prior to however am maximum conversant in wix and know that websites like those mean you can construct internet sites simply with no need to understand code. It sort of feels to me nearly just like the web page that I am running with presently has been by hook or by crook uploaded to wordpress, just like the code of it’s there, and that’s the reason why I am not able to edit it the usage of any of wordpress’ easy-to-use options.

If that is the case, how do I’m going about having the ability to make this web page editable, as any individual who does not know code? Would I want to touch any individual else who does know code so as to make updates? I suppose I am in search of language round learn how to inform any individual else the issue so I will get the assist I would like, as a result of I haven’t any clue what any of the particular terminology for these things is.

Apologies for being so uneducated–I am in point of fact hoping ya’ll can assist an actual amateur out!

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