Is there any distinction between pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes?

I remember that a pseudo-element may also be noticed as a “pretend” detail, while a pseudo-class may also be noticed as a pretend category used for styling.

Alternatively, I am somewhat at a loss for words concerning the technical variations. Is there any vital, significant distinction between the 2, or can they most commonly be noticed as the similar factor however with other houses?

As an example, `p::first-line`, despite the fact that a pseudo-element, is not reputedly putting any “pretend” detail as it is used to taste an already current detail. So why is not it a a pseudo-class as a substitute? It kind of feels to principally have the similar objective as one thing like `p:first-child`, which may be getting used for styling.

I ask for forgiveness if it is a foolish query or if I am overthinking it. I am simply attempting to determine the principle variations between the 2 if there are any, since their functions appear to overlap in a large number of circumstances.

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