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JavaScript Unit Testing Tutorial for Beginners

Write bulletproof JavaScript code with unit testing! 💪 This beginner-friendly tutorial will teach you the essentials for cleaner, more reliable apps.

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Key benefits of unit testing:
– Catch bugs early in development
– Boost confidence in your code
– Write better, more maintainable JavaScript

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0:00:00 Course Intro
0:01:21 Prerequisites
0:02:01 Course Structure
0:04:16 How to Take This Course
0:05:14 Setting Up the Testing Environment
0:05:46 Starter Project
0:06:40 Introduction to Unit Testing
0:08:19 What is Unit Testing?
0:13:39 Types of Tests
0:16:53 Choosing a Testing Framework
0:18:31 Setting Up Vitest
0:19:44 Writing Your First Test
0:29:04 Exercise: Testing fizzBuzz
0:35:00 Test-Driven Development
0:42:10 Exercise: Testing Factorial

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