Just right examples of band web pages?

I am having a look to do a fan redesign of a small artists website online – they imply so much to me and their present one is WYSI[…]. I might be having a look to enforce their present design in a extra fashionable, mobile-first product with the be offering to host/customize or just give them the keys to the undertaking completely totally free.

I’ve some neat concepts, however inspiration is proving onerous to return by means of as maximum of my bands web pages or the ones I come throughout, but even so TOP 10 EPIC BAN-, are all very samey. I am getting that they do not need to overcomplicate the strategy to their factor, but if it is passed to you unlicensed, documented? As a smaller band that also send their very own merch by means of hand?

Sorry for being wordy, first pastime undertaking in months… any significantly smartly designed band web pages you have come throughout?

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