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00:00:00 What’s Python?
00:03:22 Putting in Python
00:05:43 Code Editors
00:06:42 Your First Python Program
00:09:09 Python Extensions
00:12:03 Linting Python Code
00:16:19 Formatting Python Code
00:20:15 Working Python Code
00:23:16 Python Implementations
00:25:46 How Python Code is Executed
00:29:43 Variables
00:31:50 Dynamic Typing
00:34:28 Sort Annotation
00:36:20 Mutable and Immutable Sorts
00:39:19 Strings
00:43:32 Escape Sequences
00:46:54 Formatted Strings
00:49:04 Helpful String Strategies
00:52:26 Numbers
00:54:37 Arithmetic Operators
00:56:26 Working with Numbers
00:59:05 Sort Conversions
01:03:29 Conditional Statements
01:06:55 Logical Operators
01:10:03 Ternary Operators
01:11:22 For Loops
01:15:32 For..Else
01:18:12 Whereas Loops
01:20:00 Capabilities
01:24:43 *args
01:27:12 **args
01:29:18 Scope
01:32:57 Debugging
01:36:31 VSCode Coding Methods (Home windows)
01:38:55 VSCode Coding Methods (Mac)
01:40:45 Train: FizzBuzz
01:42:16 Resolution


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