Minerva – model 0.2.2

Hello, everyone.

I’m proceeding to paintings on Minerva. Minerva is Dart backend framework.

From model 0.1 to model 0.2.2, plenty of fixes and adjustments have been made.

I additionally created examples of the usage of the framework. They comprise the implementation of the REST API, the implementation of the websocket server, the usage of JWT authentication, importing and downloading information, and extra.

Examples: [https://github.com/GlebBatykov/minerva_examples](https://github.com/GlebBatykov/minerva_examples).

If any of you may have attempted the usage of Minerva, write me your opinion. In case you come across any issues, please let me know.

pub: [https://pub.dev/packages/minerva](https://pub.dev/packages/minerva).
git: [https://github.com/GlebBatykov/minerva](https://github.com/GlebBatykov/minerva).

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