Mission Enoch 2012: Lengthy Misplaced Bible Secrets and techniques Exposed

What’s Mission Enoch? Neatly, Mission Enoch 2012 takes its identify from the writings attributed to the Outdated Testomony patriarch named Enoch. Enoch was once the daddy of Methuselah and the great-grandfather of Noah. His writings are not incorporated within the Bible, however they’re nonetheless extant within the Apocrypha, and Enoch is referred to within the Bible.

Mission Enoch 2012 is based totally round the concept that global puppet masters, in our governments and dealing at the back of the scenes of our governments as smartly, are going to make use of the concern and awe surrounding the tip of 2012 conceptually so as to necessarily enslave mankind. “Mission Enoch” is, if truth be told, a code identify for the very program, already in operation, to create a “courageous new global” by which a handful of other people (individuals of the UN) will rule all folks with an iron fist in a velvet glove. A big a part of the Mission Enoch time table is to kill off no less than part of the present international human inhabitants, within the trust that there are already too many of us and too lots of the ones persons are “pointless eaters” as a substitute of manufacturers. Preferably, the ones at the back of Mission Enoch would love the worldwide human inhabitants to be lower than 1 billion. Obviously which means nearly all of other people alive these days will have to die.

One of the crucial techniques by which the sinister minds at the back of Mission Enoch 2012 are stated to be plotting to reach the comprehensive human die-off is thru tyrannical keep an eye on of the meals provide. There are already rules which have been in position for some years now that pressure all vegetation and all farm-raised animals which might be used for meals to include positive chemical compounds which might be allegedly there for our coverage…however if truth be told are there to slowly poison us to dying. After December twenty first, 2012 comes, there will probably be a pointy upward thrust within the quantity of chemical compounds use in addition to some more or less “recommended” executive rules enacted to keep an eye on the provision of vitamin and nutrients given to other people. Those “recommended” rules will play upon preconceived notions that individuals have about what is meant to occur on the finish of 2012 and will probably be offered as a part of the “grand design” to modify mankind. Those rules will completely intervene with unfastened marketplace economics and in secret they’ll now not be about reaping rewards somebody apart from the self-anointed “elite”. Those are the sorts of other people whom Thomas Jefferson in his private letters known as “the substitute aristocracy”: individuals who aren’t inherently noble in any respect, however who’ve the approach to buy energy with cash.

The best way by which mankind will probably be modified isn’t through turning into illuminated or extra spiritually complex as will probably be alleged. As a substitute, liberty will probably be curtailed, other people will go back to most commonly being enslaved, and there will probably be a brand new Global Govt and Global Financial institution. Realms comparable to the USA of The us and all different impartial international locations will probably be burnt up. They’ll continue to exist in identify, however if truth be told Mission Enoch 2012 will create a novel Global Govt with a novel, almighty army and police pressure.

Once more, it should be wired the Mission Enoch goes to play upon other people’s expectancies of what’s intended to occur on the finish of 2012, comparable to what has been interpreted from the Mayan Calendar that ends at the moment. Other people will probably be in search of “indicators and wonders”, or they’ll be in search of horrible failures and wish to be stored from them, or they’re going to expect extraterrestrial “gods” to go back to Earth and set the whole thing aright. Other people across the world will probably be blinded through those concepts and now not see who’s grabbing the facility and stealing their liberties proper prior to their eyes. The Mission Enoch 2012 Global Govt may even change into the brand new religion–and you’ll be able to stay the religion or you’ll be able to be killed off.

The people who find themselves now revealing what Mission Enoch is all about have a message. The message is: it is time to open your eyes now. We make our personal future.

Supply through Peter Hill

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