Newbie – textual content is appearing 2 occasions

Good day

I am hoping it is alright to put up questions right here, if no longer sorry.


I am attempting to make use of ::sooner than and ::after to have the the colour of the textual content converting relying at the background, it is virtually running apart from my dislayed textual content is proven 2 occasions.

i’m seeking to reflect this styling from a StackOverFlow resolution:


I feel i do know why and perhaps how one can repair it, however i am not that robust in CSS, i have most commonly desirous about backend stuff.


**My code: (it is blended with som jinja syntax for backend stuff)**

HTML: [](

CSS : [](


I feel perhaps i want a strategy to calculate when the background is what colour, then show the textual content with the corresponding colour.


* I did ::sooner than ::after styling at the background may just that mess with the textual content styling ?
* Am i proper if i believe i will use calc() kinda like a if observation to get it proper, or is there at smarter approach ?


**Photographs of web page:**

[all styling in place](

If i take away the ::after styling it seems to be great with white textual content colour to the background:

[Without the ::after styling](

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