No longer In a position To Come across Browser Width If It Will get Underneath 920px?

I am having a atypical downside. I am the use of the responsive display screen instrument in devtools to check my web site. The instrument will let you know what number of pixels vast and pixels tall your display screen turns into as you resize it.

I’ve a JS serve as this is console logging the present width of the browser. So if I set the scale to 1500 pixels as an example, it’ll accurately log that on my console as 1500. Alternatively once I move beneath 920px, it’s refusing to calculate the width if it is going beneath that time. If I set the responsive display screen to 500 pixels vast, it’ll nonetheless log as 920px. Virtually like after this level, one thing is going mistaken.

In consequence, one of the crucial cellular queries on my web page are not even running as a result of its no longer detecting that its long gone beneath 920px.

I’ve additionally tested all my CSS recordsdata, and I’ve no longer set any of the display screen measurement queries to that quantity (920).

Any reason this occurs? Additionally I am getting the browser width in my JS serve as the use of this code:

let width = report.documentElement.offsetWidth

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