Open listener on record

I am making some apply with `Streams`, `Turbines`, `Async`, `Wait for`, `Information`…So I created a brief `Dart console app` the place a string is written right into a record periodically. When this system begins, a brand new record is created (if no longer exists) then it is opened in `write` mode and the string is written within time and again, all works.

Now I might find irresistible to do the other, open a `circulate` that listens each and every persona that’ll be written at the record printing it at the display screen.

The principle concept is that some strings will probably be written at the record and from the record to the terminal.

That is my [GitHub]( repo if you wish to see the code, please take a look at `lib/gear/file_tool.dart` for all `Streams` from and to the record, `primary` record is within `bin`.

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