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Portable Washing Machine, Foldable Mini Washing Machine for Socks, Baby Clothes, Towels, Underwear Or Delicate Items, Ideal for Apartment, Dorm, Camping, RV Travel and More (green)

(as of Feb 25,2024 19:00:03 UTC – Details)

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1,Put the clothes into portable washing machine and add the right amount of detergent.

2,Mini washing machine add the right amount of water (we recommend the water level to be 3-5 cm higher than the laundry so that the water covers the laundry completely).

3,Put the lid on the washing machine, turn on the timer of the mini washing machine and switch it to “15 minutes” position, the washing machine will start to run automatically.

4,When the program is completed, the timer will automatically reset and the unit will stop.

5,Remove the laundry,Place in the take-out basket and press the dewatering button.

6,Disconnect the adapter from the washing machine and the power outlet.

8,Wipe the bucket washer clean.

Why buy it?

1、The foldable washing machine has a foldable portable bucket type design, which is easy to store when not in use.

2、Apartment washing machine is portable and compact, very suitable for washing children’s clothes, underwear, socks, etc. Effectively removes dirt and leaves your clothes clean

3、One button control washing machine, easy to use, just touch the button for two seconds, you can start the washing machine

【FOLDING DESIGN】This washing machine is foldable that you can easily take it with you, suitable for both home and travel use. easy to store when not in use, without taking up too much space in your home.
【Strong Stain Removal】This washing machine provides all round rubbing, positive and negative hand washing; with quick washing, to achieve strong stain removal effect.
【SAFE AND ENERGY SAVING】Portable washer machine using TPE and food grade silicone material, Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity.
【Wide range of application】Portable washer is suitable for different scenarios such as apartments, dormitories, camping, RV travel, etc., socks, underwear, swimsuits, single T-shirts and other small pieces of clothing, baby items, pets items. BEARLIDIVIOU