QStash – HTTP based totally messaging and scheduling resolution for serverless apps

I simply launched [Qstash](https://pub.dev/packages/qstash_dart), A message dealer between your serverless apps. You ship an HTTP request to QStash, that features a vacation spot, a payload and non-compulsory settings. We durably retailer your message and can ship it to the vacation spot API by means of HTTP. In case the vacation spot isn’t in a position to obtain the message, we will be able to retry the message later, to guarentee at-least-once supply.


* 100% serverless, no stateful connections required. Messages are driven on your API.
* At-least-once supply assured to any public API
* Pubsub by means of [topics](https://docs.upstash.com/qstash/features/topics)
* [Delay](https://docs.upstash.com/qstash/features/delay) message supply
* Message [deduplication](https://docs.upstash.com/qstash/features/deduplication)
* [Scheduling](https://docs.upstash.com/qstash/features/schedules) by means of CRON

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