Reactive Programming Experiment

Here is an experiment. Let’s discover reactive programming.

I outline a `Sign` which is a reactive variable. Name it to retrieve its worth and use `set` to switch its worth. You should supply an preliminary worth. And forget about the `Tracker` for now.

magnificence Sign<T> {
Sign(T initialValue) : _value = initialValue;

T name() {
_tracker ??= Tracker.present;
go back _value;

void set(T worth) {
if (_value == worth) go back;
_value = worth;

T _value;
Tracker? _tracker;

Here’s a serve as to create an impact which is a serve as `cb` this is rerun if a reactive variable adjustments. Now not any variable. Best the ones used inside of that serve as’s frame.

void createEffect(void Serve as() cb) => Tracker(cb).run(cb);

An instance makes this transparent, I’m hoping:

void major() {
ultimate buddy = Sign(‘Sara’);
createEffect(() {
print(‘Hi ${buddy()}!’);

This may print `Hi Sara!` adopted through `Hi Tery!`.

Now let’s find out about `Tracker`, the code that glues the whole lot in combination.

It maintains a `present` tracker in an contextual variable. Every sign whose worth is requested for whilst there’s a this kind of present tracker retail outlets mentioned tracker and can `rerun` it if its worth adjustments. Simple.

The `rerun` means protects itself towards unneeded repeats the use of the inner `_scheduled` flag after which `run` itself the use of a microtask. Working the serve as will observe alerts if now not already tracked. It by no means forgets, although.

magnificence Tracker {

ultimate void Serve as() cb;
var _scheduled = false;

void run() {

void rerun() {
if (_scheduled) go back;
_scheduled = true;
scheduleMicrotask(() {
_scheduled = false;

// I in reality hate that `remaining`’s go back kind is not nullable
static Tracker? get present => _trackers.isEmpty ? null : _trackers.remaining;

static ultimate _trackers = <Tracker>[];

Recently, alerts can’t be tracked through a couple of tracker. The usage of a `Set<Tracker>` can repair that. Additionally, I disregarded error dealing with the use of a `check out/in any case` block.

However is is a reactive programming framework in some 50 strains of code. Have a laugh.

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