Substituting an h1 with a picture?

I did not know the way to phrase that name, so simply endure with me.

As a substitute of an `h1` because the name of a piece, I am the usage of an SVG. The SVG is solely the similar name, however handwritten. You recognize, made with a drawing pill. It is a classy selection.

Clearly that includes search engine optimization and accessibility issues. The UX of a human (who can see) would possibly not be negtively suffering from it in any respect. And aria-labels can do it for the assistive stuff, however how do I sign to crawlers that the `alt` or the `aria-label` or no matter of that SVG is meant to be changing the `h1` for that phase? Do I simply put the similar textual content on there however by hook or by crook push it off the display in order that each the picture and the textual content don’t seem to be visual?

What is one of the best ways of going about this?

EDIT: thanks all this has been very instructional

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