twitter_api_v2 v4.7.0 has been launched! 🐦

Hello Dart builders!

I launched `twitter_api_v2 v4.7.0`, this unlock comprises inner processing enhancements, computer virus fixes and new utilities. 🙂


1. **Mounted to make use of OAuth 2.0 authentication because the very best precedence.**

The professional Twitter API v2.0 helps authentication with `OAuth 2.0` and legacy `OAuth 1.0a` for a number of endpoints. `twitter_api_v2` could also be designed to evolve to this specification, permitting customers to make a choice which authentication manner to make use of when growing an example of the `TwitterApi` object.

And if OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 1.0a tokens had been specified on the identical time, the REST shopper that authenticates with OAuth 1.0a was once used, however from this model, on this case, for v2 endpoints, the OAuth 2.0 REST shopper for v2 endpoints.

When the usage of the v1 endpoint, the OAuth 1.0a REST shopper will at all times be used as earlier than.

2. **Retry set of rules is now handiest Exponential BackOff and Jitter.**

Till now `twitter_api_v2` supplied a number of retry algorithms, however from this model handiest **Exponential BackOff and Jitter** are supported. The reason being that so long as the **Exponential BackOff and Jitter** set of rules is inbuilt, there isn’t a lot worth in the usage of the opposite algorithms.

With this motion, all manufacturing unit constructors of the `RetryConfig` object that had been supported in earlier variations at the moment are deprecated. They nonetheless paintings, however all will retry with the **Exponential BackOff and Jitter** set of rules, irrespective of the manufacturing unit constructor.

Those manufacturing unit constructors will probably be got rid of in v5.0.0, so please exchange to make use of the default constructor for `RetryConfig`.

3. **Added application to refresh get right of entry to token.**

Because of the quite a lot of individuals who have used this package deal, I now perceive use instances that had been prior to now invisible.

I’ve launched a package deal known as [twitter_oauth2_pkce]( which is optimized for authentication with Twitter’s **OAuth 2.0 PKCE**, and [twitter_oauth2_pkce]( additionally supplies the power to refresh this token. On the other hand, [twitter_oauth2_pkce]( depended on Flutter for Internet as a result of internet browser is wanted for OAuth 2.0 PKCE, and made it tough for any individual who sought after to create a CLI-based BOT or utility, for instance, to reissue an expired get right of entry to token.

This reinforce is meant to resolve this issue. If just a refresh token is supplied, even CLI-based packages may also be carried out with a safe token issued through OAuth 2.0 PKCE.

Please test hyperlink underneath for extra main points.

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Tips for package deal enhancements and pull requests are at all times welcome 🙂


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