Web page url factor. Extra information in publish.

I wonder whether someone can lend a hand me. I am not a qualified developer however I know the way to construct web sites. I paintings for a small corporate and the landlord requested me to redo the web site. It is totally out of my process description, however I felt I could not in reality say no.

I have finished the web site and I am putting in place the entirety now and I have run into a subject matter.

The web site url is:


as an alternative of simply


My procedure:

I to begin with did the web site the use of native on my computer. I copied the unique web site the use of WP-All-in-1 migrations. I redid the web site w/ Kadence Blocks, and migrated the web site over to the principle web site the use of WP-All-in-1-Migration. The web site is hosted on A2hosting.

I had some factor migrating (his unique web site is so previous!), and my mind is a bit fried from troubleshooting all of that.

I will additionally percentage extra explicit information by means of DM is that is had to lend a hand w/ the problem.

Any lend a hand is favored. TY!

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