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Hello r/opensource!

[Framasoft](https://framasoft.org) (that is us!) is a small French non-profit (10 workers + 30 volunteers), that has been advertising Loose-Libre tool and its tradition to a French-speaking target market for 20+ years. 

We goal to stick small (we favor decentralization to ever-expanding enlargement), and we embody our hand made/artisanal manner of experimenting with the whole lot we do.

## What does Framasoft do?

We truly assume that Loose-Libre tool is without doubt one of the very important equipment to get to a Loose-Libre society. Because of this we deal with and give a contribution to numerous tasks that goal to empower other folks to get extra freedom of their virtual lives. 

Amongst the ones equipment are:
* 16 FOSS based totally web-services that we host (principally for our French-speaking target market) on our [Degooglify Internet website](https://degooglisons-internet.org/en/) ;
* many [talks, workshops, and participations to conventions](https://framatube.org/c/framaconf/movies) ;
* A [FLOSS directory](https://framalibre.org) ;
* A [blog](https://framablog.org), the place we proportion our view and the place a bunch of volunteers translate into French information from the English-speaking FLOSS global ;
* Many, many ressources to assist other folks and organizations of their transition to moral virtual equipment (guides, documentation, even card video games!) ;

To be told extra, take a look at our (more or less) translated [recap of 2022 here](https://framablog.org/2022/12/08/framasoft-2022-a-casserole-cooked-up-thanks-to-you-thanks-to-your-donations/).

## We expand PeerTube and Mobilizon

Within the English-speaking group, we’re most commonly recognized for growing 2 Loose-Libre and federated softwares:
* [Mobilizon](https://joinmobilizon.org/), a substitute for Fb parties and teams *sans* social options. We launched Mobilizon v3 final month, [check out our presentation en English here](https://framablog.org/2022/11/08/mobilizon-v3-find-events-and-groups-throughout-the-fediverse/) ;
* [PeerTube](https://joinpeertube.org/), a self-hosted video and live-streaming platform that provides p2p to video broadcasting so that you are not looking for Amazon data-center to host your movies. PeerTube v5 has simply launched (dec. thirteenth), [here is the complete guided tour](https://framablog.org/2022/12/13/peertube-v5-the-result-of-5-years-handcrafting/)!

For each and every of those tasks, **we now have one not-even-full-time developer who leads the code**, helped via different workers (on non-code comparable problems) and a group of individuals.

Framasoft is funded via donations (98.5% of our 2021 price range), principally grassroots donations (87% of the 2021 price range). As we principally keep up a correspondence in French, the vast majority of our donations comes from the French-speaking target market.

It signifies that PeerTube and Mobilizon, are most commonly funded via Frenchies for the sector to revel in.

## Ask Us The rest!

Shameless plug: we’d like assist to fulfill our targets with our 2022 donation marketing campaign. If you wish to be told extra about and strengthen our movements, take a look at [support.framasoft.org](https://soutenir.framasoft.org) (and proportion should you care!)

We’re notoriously dangerous at advertising and marketing and self-promoting: this AMA is fairly the problem to us! However we like to be clear, and brutally fair about ourselves, so let’s do it.

When you’ve got any query, please ask them beneath (and upvote the ones you wish to have us to respond to first).

* u/booteille (volunteer member)
* u/pouhiou (co-director and worker)
* u/framasoft (nameless individuals)
will solution them to the most efficient of our skills, **from dec. 14th 4pm (CET) to after we are too drained ;).**

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