Will we in point of fact want fashions?

This isn’t precisely Flutter explicit, however kinda similar. I simply sought after to get your critiques about it.

You understand fashions. Whilst you request a knowledge from an API, you deserialize the reaction, or if you wish to ship some information, you serialize your type example.

This method I have had for somewhat a few years, on the other hand, turns out a little bit off to me at the moment. Let me give an explanation for you why.

The issue is information migration. You want to all the time sync your fashions with the API (or DB) you might be inquiring for from. In a fast-changing atmosphere, it’s not inconceivable however is somewhat bulky to maintain. We have now answers for that like `json_serializable` or `freezed` as a fully-featured answer for information categories.

If the information scheme is migrated on a server and you wish to have to request it, if a box (shall we say) does no longer exist for your type, you naturally have an exception in your hand. Or the opposite direction round, assuming an API endpoint is guarded in opposition to unknown further fields, you could have an exception once more.

Once more, exceptions aren’t one thing to be fearful of, nor it is inconceivable to maintain the ones.

In recent years, I have been fascinated by “What if, as an alternative of defining fashions, I might maintain the uncooked information? Like `Map<String, dynamic>` or `Listing<Map<String, dynamic>>` and many others.?

Within the presentation layer, I will just about maintain the fields that do not exist, and this may make the task somewhat more straightforward for somewhat dynamic environments.

I would love to get your critiques in this. Thank you prematurely.

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