Would it be great if shall we go back after a null coalescence/ternary else operator?

Now we have the By no means kind for expressions/purposes that all the time throw. How about we permit go back statements to be an expression that in a similar fashion evaluates to the By no means kind?

We’re in a position to try this:

ultimate integer = int.tryParse(“10”) ?? throw Error();

We want in an effort to additionally do that:

ultimate integer = int.tryParse(“10”) ?? go back null;

And this (assuming we now have a outcome monad):

ultimate outcome = tryCallSomeApi();
ultimate integer = outcome.isSuccess ? outcome.price : go back outcome.error

Recently, error dealing with with out exceptions is a ache within the butt with verbose code like this all over:

ultimate integer = int.tryParse(“10”);
if (integer == null) {
go back null;

And this:

ultimate outcome = tryCallSomeApi();
if (outcome.isError) {
go back outcome.error;
ultimate integer = outcome.price;

What do you guys suppose?

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