Software Development

Build and Deploy a LeetCode Clone with React, Next JS, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Firebase

On this challenge tutorial, you’ll construct a LeetCode clone with React, Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Typescript, and Firebase. Additionally deploy it to Vercel on the finish.

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Course created by @asaprogrammer_

โญ๏ธ Contents โญ๏ธ
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:29 Demo of The App
0:05:23 Challenge Setup
0:08:51 Auth Web page Setup
0:13:19 Auth Web page Navbar
0:18:54 AuthModal Format UI
0:22:16 Login UI
0:29:41 Signup UI
0:31:59 ResetPassword UI
0:33:13 Integrating Recoil Auth State
0:47:31 Firebase Setup
0:52:41 Signup Performance
1:01:21 Login Performance
1:05:14 Auth Web page Route Guard
1:08:01 Dwelling Web page UI
1:12:50 Issues Desk UI
1:21:01 Youtube Video Modal
1:29:51 Topbar Replace On Auth
1:32:46 Logout Performance
1:37:11 Auth Modal Optimizations
1:38:44 Reset Password Performance
1:42:56 React Toastify
1:47:19 Picture optimizations
1:54:33 Creating [pid] web page and replace topbar
2:02:27 Creating Timer.tsx
2:12:31 Creating Workspace.tsx
2:15:18 Splitting The Web page
2:19:47 Creating ProblemDescrition.tsx
2:26:03 Creating PreferenceNav.tsx
2:34:39 Creating Code Editor
2:41:10 Including Check Circumstances UI
2:50:15 Creating EditorFooter.tsx
2:56:32 Knowledge Dealing with Defined
3:01:50 Two Sum Downside
3:12:52 Reverse Linked Listing
3:18:05 Leap Recreation Downside
3:20:13 Legitimate Parentheses Downside
3:21:16 Search second Matrix Downside
3:22:01 Utilizing SSG for [pid].tsx
3:46:47 Updating testcases UI
3:51:39 Initializing Firestore
3:55:56 Including issues to DB
4:12:09 Fetch Issues
4:32:58 Create Customers in DB
4:40:33 Fetch downside information
4:51:28 Loading skeletons
4:56:35 Get person information on the issue
5:06:23 Like performance
5:27:51 Dislike performance
5:39:03 Star performance
5:46:03 Next and Earlier downside
5:55:23 Fixing Hydration Error
5:58:08 Confetti Celebration
6:01:43 Code Submission
6:20:50 Save code to localstorage
6:24:48 Fixing bugs
6:31:08 Toggle Full Display screen
6:34:13 SettingsModal UI
6:41:33 SettingsModal Performance
6:54:23 Replace Dwelling Web page
6:59:11 Sandboxing approach
7:01:58 Deployment
7:05:08 Firebase Guidelines

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