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Build Your Own SaaS – PagerDuty Clone. You’ll Learn PostgreSQL + Stripe API + Twilio + SMTP

Learn how to build your own SaaS app. You will create your own PagerDuty clone using PostgreSQL, Stripe, Twilio, SMTP, and Retool.

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You will build a dashboard that lets you know if your app goes down, and then notifies you through email and SMS.

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⭐️ Contents ⭐️
00:00 Introduction
02:51 Tutorial Starts
03:41 Working with pre-made UI Components
16:26 Setting up our Postgres database
18:58 Creating Tables in Postgres
29:00 Feeding in Data to our Dashboard
39:09 Adding new Incidents
48:53 Deleting Incidents
50:49 The Team members page
1:04:42 Hooking up the Twilio and SMPT API

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