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MINANOV Mini Portable Washing Machine – Automatic Foldable Washing machine with Blue Light- For Underwear, Socks, Baby Clothes, Towels – Collapsible Washing Machine for Travel,Camping, Dorm, RV

Price: $119.00
(as of May 05,2024 23:00:56 UTC – Details)

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Product Description

Folding Washing MachineFolding Washing Machine

Small Apartment, House, Dorms, and TravelSmall Apartment, House, Dorms, and Travel

Easy to Deploy and Intelligent Water InflowEasy to Deploy and Intelligent Water Inflow

Woman with LauggageWoman with Lauggage


Core FunctionsCore Functions

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MINANOV’s Foldable Washing Machine uses deep cleaning tech with blue light fordeep cleansing. Get clean, fresh clothes anytime. MINANOV’s versatile, user-friendly Portable Clothes Dryer with various settings. Dries up to 9 items per cycle in just 20 minutes. Equipped with timer functionality. MINANOV’s Egg Cooker makes up to 4 eggs in multiple styles with one touch. Ideal for breakfast or brunch – your versatile egg-cooking solution. MINANOV’s Wine Chiller effortlessly chills wine to perfection with advanced tech. Stylish, compact, and versatile for any occasion.

Energy-Saving and High-Performance Washing Machine: MINANOV mini washer machine has an energy-saving technology that uses less water and energy, without compromising the cleaning performance. This folding washing machine is a 2in1 washer and dryer. It comes with a dryer basket for drying clothes. It has an automatic water inlet and drainage system that saves time and effort and makes doing laundry more convenient.
Innovative Laundry Device: This is your game-changing laundry solution. It has a capacity of 2.4-gallon which make it a great option for people who live in apartments or who need a foldable washing machine for travel or camping. This is designed for daily use and is ideal for small loads of laundry. Perfect for washing of baby clothes, underwear, and other delicate items.
Compact Convenience: MINANOV is a Lightweight, collapsible, easy-to-use, and space-saving folding washing machine. It is designed to be folded down for easy storage when not in use, perfectly designed for those who have limited space. It is easy to set up and operate because of its simple control panel.
Silent Washing: This mini washing machine is designed for quiet functioning it operates with minimal noise and vibration. It operates at 30 decibels and is considered to be very quiet. MINANOV collapsible washing machine has a good suspension system that reduces the noise levels and minimizes the vibration during the spin cycle.