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Prompt Engineering for Web Devs – ChatGPT and Bard Tutorial

This course will allow you to to code, be taught, and get jobs quicker than you ever have earlier than! Strive the interactive Scrimba model right here:

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In relation to leveraging AI language fashions, your output is usually solely pretty much as good as your enter. In different phrases, it’s all about studying how greatest to speak your required outcomes. Efficient immediate engineering is the key sauce for getting essentially the most out of AI. To get essentially the most worth out of this course, it is best to know JavaScript and React.

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⭐️ Contents ⭐️
(0:00:00) Introduction
(0:01:52) Welcome to the Course!
(0:05:42) Intro: What’s Prompt Engineering?
(0:07:17) Prompt Engineering Fundamentals, Half 1
(0:14:16) Prompt Engineering Fundamentals, Half 2
(0:20:11) Quiz: Prompt Engineering Fundamentals
(0:22:53) Management the size and format of GPT’s responses
(0:31:40) Problem: Haiku-ish Generator
(0:37:05) Break Duties Into Smaller Steps
(0:44:25) Quiz: Break Duties into Smaller Steps
(0:46:17) Prompt Iteratively: Prompt, Consider, Repeat
(0:50:16) Optimize prompts
(0:53:45) Problem: Construct a Easy Modal with an Optimized Prompt
(0:57:37) Position-based prompting
(1:04:00) Apply: Plan an App with Position-Based mostly Prompting
(1:07:43) Prompt with Examples
(1:11:38) Problem: Seltzer Taste Generator
(1:14:05) Answer: Seltzer Taste Generator
(1:19:53) Beware Hallucinating!
(1:24:20) Recap: Prompt Engineering
(1:25:10) Intro: AI Assisted Coding
(1:26:11) Generate code with pseudocode
(1:30:20) Generate code utilizing a pseudo language
(1:35:42) Problem: Generate a Kind with Pseudo Language
(1:38:04) Generate Edge Instances
(1:43:22) Generate Check Instances
(1:48:06) Apply: Check a operate and generate edge instances
(1:53:05) Debugging and Error Messages
(1:57:10) Convert Code
(1:59:45) Problem: Convert Code
(2:01:44) Doc Code
(2:05:30) Examine Web Improvement through Prompt Engineering, Pt 1
(2:10:07) Examine Web Improvement through Prompt Engineering, Pt 2
(2:14:22) Evaluation and Apply: Examine Web Improvement
(2:15:30) Discover APIs with Bard
(2:22:00) Get Assist with Git and Github
(2:24:33) Get Assist Deploying
(2:27:47) When to Step Again from AI
(2:30:13) Recap: AI-Assisted Coding
(2:30:55) Intro: Utilizing AI Language Fashions for Job Search
(2:31:27) Generate, Study and Apply DS/Algo Issues, Half 1
(2:39:25) Generate, Study and Apply DS/Algo Issues, Half 2
(2:43:27) Problem: Fixing Traditional FizzBuzz with ChatGPT
(2:46:38) Evaluation and Analyze Code
(2:50:27) Apply: Evaluation and Analyze a Code Answer
(2:53:30) Get Dwell Code Interview Recommendation and Apply
(2:58:31) Job Search – Get Assist Writing Job Search Docs
(3:04:37) Apply Interview Questions
(3:12:12) Congrats, Prompt Engineers

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